Welcome to the Home Page of Jan Geisen. I am an artist who works in multiple media. I have a BA degree in Art and originally worked only with photography and silk screen media. Over2 0 years ago I discovered polymer clay. I fell in love with its versatility. It was perfect for an "improv" artist like myself. I just work with it and it tells me what it wants to be! The first technique I worked with was the millefiori cane making technique. Millefiori canes always have distorted ends where the cane pattern doesn't match the rest of the cane. I discovered from my very first cane that I would rather play with the scraps, than the rest of the cane.  Bits and pieces of polymer clay scraps are now my preferred raw material.

I am still a photographer and have greatly enjoyed working with a digital camera instead of a film camera.  I like the creative process of manipulating the digital image.  Currently I don't have any photographs for sale online.  They are only for sale at St Paul's Lowertown Art Crawls, Peggy's Boutique and Celebrate Art Holiday Gallery.  See my Polymer Clay Jewelry page for dates of these shows.

I do sell my jewelry at local shows and on-line. So check out my Polymer Clay Jewelry Page. This page will lead you to my on-line shop at Etsy.com.

Check out my blog at:

Check out my Flickr site if you want to see the most complete collection of my jewelry. I also have some of my photographs there.

 Jan Geisen photography Minnesota State Fair Midway ride - Techno Power  Jan Geisen landscape photography Traverse City Michigan  jan geisen bellydance photography
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